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Project Management

On this page we would like to take a closer look at the importance of managing translation projects. After all, in order to work efficiently and with high quality, different tools and workflows have to be used, which require planning and organisation depending on the size of the project. 

Does a translation have an advertising character or is it rather a technical translation? Does terminological work or layout tasks take up a significant part of the translation? Before starting the job, a number of questions need to be answered and a decision made as to which work steps and which persons are to be involved.

After receiving your request:

If you send us a request, we will analyse your source material in detail. Subject area, scope, content structure, as well as existing translations and technical glossaries will all be considered. Is it a simple MS Office document, a website or a media file? With the help of the findings obtained, we assign the order to a corresponding team of experts consisting of  translators/proofreaders, IT specialists and graphic designers and estimate the total time required.

Of course, we want you to be able to order quickly and easily, but there may still be open questions before the offer is prepared. We will then contact you immediately to clarify these.

After order confirmation:

The selection of employees follows the guidelines of the DIN ISO 17100 standard, i.e. your translation will only be entrusted to specialists who have a university degree and relevant experience in translation and in the respective specialist field. 

The order is then prepared for translation, i.e. converted into a format that makes it easier for the translator to use all the technical aids available to us, such as translation memory, database of technical terms and customer-specific glossaries, etc.

Once this work has been checked by the proofreader, a final check is made of the translation in the final format. This  final check includes layout corrections. In addition, newly acquired terminology is archived and any reference material is saved. This ensures that follow-up orders can be handled more efficiently and with a higher overall quality

In all these steps, the focus is always on cooperation and active contact with the customer in the form of short e-mails or telephone calls, if necessary.


  • Analysis of the field and nature of the original material
  • Determine scope and level of difficulty
  • transparent offer preparation with realistic delivery date (usually faster than you think)
  • accurate tracking of the project steps translation and correction
  • Terminology maintenance
  • always open and friendly customer contact

Request a non-binding offer for your translation now! Fill out a short form, detailed offer will follow in maximum two hours!


Do you have any questions? We are happy to help.

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