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Not every text is the same and not every text requires the same qualifications and prior knowledge. For a language such as Spanish with several hundred million speakers there are far more translators on the market offering the combination English-Spanish than, e.g. Swedish-French, for which there are only a few translators. Despite the lower demand for translations of the latter combination, the market prices per word or standard line vary considerably. The exact composition of the prices shall be explained on this page.

Prices for translations concisely explained 

IMASoL strives to offer you the best price. It is obvious the rate applied is different for the work of qualified and professional translators when they work on scientific papers than on private letters. We at IMASoL are aware of the market price range. Rates start at as low as €0.05 per word for simple texts and go up to €0.40 per word for complex, highly specialized technical texts. This price can also include completely different services, such as extra proofreading, certification, terminology work and layout corrections in extensively formatted documents.

A rate that we at IMASoL consider reasonable and at the same time very competitive is: 0.15 Euro net per word of the source language. We use this value as the basic price. At IMASoL it always includes project management and an review by a second expert. Below you will find a list of factors that lead to changes in this basic price.

Factors that reduce the price:

  • Languages with many speakers
  • Simple topic without technical terms
  • Spoken text
  • High volume
  • Text digitally available and without major layout requirements

Factors that raise the price:

  • Combination with exotic languages
  • Specialist texts with a high level of specialist vocabulary
  • Creation of customer-specific terminology
  • Play on words and marketing texts
  • Special requirements such as word lists or consideration of number of characters as in subtitling
  • Source text difficult to recognize/read
  • High demand on subsequent layout work

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