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Quality Assurance – To keep our customers satisfied

IMASoL has set itself the goal of providing the best possible language services. This naturally requires a rigorous quality assurance system. Therefore, we check every translation before it is delivered to the client. Our experience has shown that the best and most efficient results are achieved when the translators with the best possible qualifications are given exactly the working conditions that allow them to devote themselves to first-class translations right from the start.

Four or six eyes see more than two

Nevertheless four or even six eyes always see more than two. IMASoL therefore always relies on proofreaders to check the work done. These proofreaders are equally qualified translators, but have slightly different backgrounds, so that the fulfilment of the usually diverse customer requirements is guaranteed. This includes e.g. a greater focus on the specialist field or the advertising in the language compared to the initial translator. Target texts are therefore viewed from a different angle before delivery to the customer.   

Review of the translation requirements specified by the customer  

In order to ensure the quality of translations, IMASoL strives for close communication with the client and relies exclusively on trusted and rigorously tested translators who fully meet the requirements of today's translation market.

Communication with the client always brings to light knowledge that goes beyond that which can be derived from the material to be translated anyway. It is therefore not only the translator's work, but also that of the proofreader. That is why we make sure that translators and proofreaders not only have a perfect understanding of the source language, but are also experts in the relevant fields and are also able to formulate concisely and impeccably in their mother tongue.

It is very important to us that they adopt our translation philosophy, which states, among other things, that the purpose of the translation assignment takes precedence and is always present during the work.

Improving a failure is often impossible: The best translation results require an initial translation carried out under the best possible conditions

Like any work, translation is very fulfilling when it goes like clockwork. This means that as a proofreader or editor you will find excellent preparation. An advantage in this case is that the proofreader can focus on the logic of the text and technical expression without any bias. This provides a much greater degree of text flow and ensures that the translation is no longer a mere translation, but rather an independent text in which all aspects have been checked, such as

  • complete content
  • flawless in spelling and grammar
  • Layout improvements

IMASoL therefore focuses on the best possible implementation from the very beginning to avoid a complete revision or even a new translation.  

If the customer's requirements allow it, special technical proofreaders are also consulted. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our quality management.


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