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Who we are and what we do

IMASoL are Torsten, Sebastian, Tatu, Juan, Britta, An, Michael, Stéphanie, Siva and many more translators, proofreaders, copywriters, assistants and IT professionals known to us for a long time. Each of them contributes with their expertise and preferences to ensure that all translations serve the desired purpose. We enjoy understanding the subject matter, our clients' purpose and most of all: writing. And we want our clients benefit from it.


IMASoL was founded in 2007 as an internet marketing and communication agency in Barcelona. Hence the name IMASoL - Internet Marketing Solutions. It all started with the fact that the majority of customers were interested in translation services. At this early stage of the company, Torsten Schnabel joined the team—a technical translator who studied at the universities of Mainz (Germersheim), Lille and Nottingham and an experienced project manager for technical translations. Today, he became managing director and owner. 


The company moved its headquarters to Berlin and grew over time as projects grew larger and more complex. A network of translators and experts in international communication was formed, spanning large parts of the planet. Almost daily we are in contact with experts from Barcelona, Turku, Milan, Bogotá, Pune - to name but a few.

Customer service for private and corporate clients

We are committed to providing our customers with what they need quickly. Before placing an order, we ask a few precise questions to clarify without wasting any time.

Our customers have different needs: Private clients are looking for certified translations for documents and certificates or need help with CVs, their own business plans or foreign-language correspondence

Companies rely on IMASoL as a partner for their specialist texts and technical documentation as well as contracts. Or, in the case of more extensive projects, we help with our network of linguists and IT specialists when our clients realize that their websites should have a greater reach.

What sets IMASoL apart

Very often, not only linguistic services are required, but also consulting services that provide our clients with knowledge of the cultures of new target markets. We are happy to assist you with foreign conventions, make phone calls to the target country—anything you can imagine to have an outstanding customer experience.  

What we strive to offer to make our clients happy:

  • A functional website that offers information and contact details
  • Quick preparation of a clear and detailed offer
  • Fast execution of the jobs according to the offer
  • Transparent details on the progress in bigger projects
  • Delivery including recommendations on the use of the translation
  • Acceptance of the translation


Do you have any questions? We are happy to help.

  +49 30 688 10510