Technical translations

Communication about workflows and processes in industrial companies, whether internally in an international company or externally as instructions for customers and users, make up a significant part of the translation work.

You invest a great deal of effort in documenting your work. In order for your partners in international projects to also benefit from this work, IMASoL will support you with a high level of technical understanding and a knowledgeable flow in the target language.

Support on your area

Just how diverse the world of business is can be seen in the number of specialist areas for technical translations. IMASoL has experience in industrial, technological and scientific fields.

Technical translations provided by IMASoL mainly concern documentation, operating instructions or technical reports from industrial sectors such as mechanical engineering and construction, automotion, electrical engineering or metallurgy.

IMASoL cooperates with linguistically and professionally well-trained and experienced translators, who provide customers and their companies with technical translations of the highest quality in various languages.

Specialist expertise – the fundamentals for technical translation

IMASoL's clients agree that technical precision in translations has absolute priority. Every translator strives for linguistically correct and appealing wording, but in internal company reports, in specialist communication between experts or in documents intended for external specialists or even non-professionals, such as instructions or expert opinions, precise and unambiguous expression according to technical standards is required.

In order to ensure technical precision, specialist knowledge is required, which is considered a decisive factor at IMASoL when selecting a translator. See the philosophy behind the selection of IMASoL's specialist translators.

Terminology - a decisive factor in translation

High-quality translations of technical documentation and instructions are not primarily about beautiful wording, but about clear language, even at the risk of repetition. This includes a consistent terminology used throughout.

In mechanical engineering, for example, it is confusing when the stiffness of a plant is alternately expressed in English with stiffness or rigidity. Both terms are mostly interchangeable, but a translation provider with the claim to deliver high-quality technical translations chooses one term and uses it exclusively, not only in the current text, but also in all subsequent ones. The translator's expertise helps to ensure that the context is considered for the correct use of the technical terms.

IMASoL's translators maintain and update their own glossaries or glossaries created by the client's company for this purpose. Particularly in the case of long-term projects, theses glossaries are continually compared in order to ensure uniform customer-specific terminology in the translations.

Benefit from our experience from the fruitful cooperation with universities

IMASoL has been translating textbooks for Aachen University for several years now, which has enabled us to acquire specialist knowledge ourselves, but also to gain experience for optimal processes and suitable experts. If you, like the university, would like to benefit from this expertise, please contact us.


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