Marketing Translations

If language is based on conventions, but conventions are the very enemy of an engaging and original approach to customers, how is a good marketing translation and finding the right language possible?

IMASoL re-creates an original approach

The challenge of marketing translation is to pick up the originality of the source text and recreate it anew, because what works in one language might not engage your audience in another language.

Professional translators have the ability to recognise which parts of the original are transferable and where creativity is required to ensure that you, our client, achieve your goal and that your translation fulfils its purpose.

Working with these texts is a highly subjective process, which is why we at IMASoL have developed an approach based on offering the customer various options, adding comments to relevant passages of text and, after further consideration, being able to choose from several alternatives. 

Of course, this requires a greater degree of cooperation with the client, which is more than welcome for most clients, especially when it comes to marketing texts that are important to the company!

How IMASoL can help you

IMASoL uses a language that appeals to your customers and encourages them to get in touch with you. 

Delivering sophisticated information that turns into a subtly formulated call-to-action is our daily bread.

Get in touch with us when it is time for your company to reach out to a more international audience.

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