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Proofreading and editing - a positive feeling before publishing your texts

A professional translation can never be delivered to the customer in the first or second draft. Editing and proofreading the texts we translate is therefore an essential part of our work.

Very often, clients order proofreading and editing services instead of a complete translation. This is usually done when they are unsure whether translations that have been commissioned elsewhere or that they have done themselves can be published in their current form.

The art of quickly assessing the work of others

Many translators shy away from this work. The own ambition to create a perfectly translated text has to be matched with the writing style of other colleagues. The risk of having to redo the translation for the price of a proofreading service is otherwise high. 

Over time, however, highly experienced translators have managed to take a detached view at the work of other translators and to check their performance in an efficient manner. They do not fear requests for proofreading.

Benefit from a second opinion

At IMASoL, we have been using the dual control principle for many years and quickly recognise what is important for a good translation and where greater correction efforts are required.

Ask us whether a translation yo have received fulfills your requirements and ask for a quote.

What can IMASoL provide you?

Be it an unusual written expression or more often occurring dubious formatting that seems strange to you. Or you have spent a long time pondering over your own text, have precise ideas about the content, but still want to obtain the expertise of a linguist: IMASoL can help you when you have doubts.

Our experts are able to efficiently estimate the effort required to perfect your text. From a quick glance with concise examples to in-depth stylistic and content checks. Let us know your concerns and we will offer you solutions.

What is the difference between proofreading and editing?


When proofreading, we check a translation very thoroughly. Rarely do we expect formulations that suggest a non-native speaker or - apart from a few typos or number twists - serious grammatical or orthographical mistakes. The actual task is usually to turn a good translation into a perfect one in which the reading flow is improved and the effect of the text is adapted exactly to what the original author intended. The source text always forms the basis for this.


What happens, however, if there is not a single formal error in a translation, but a collection of incoherent and logic-free thoughts becomes apparent during reading? Readers would turn away more quickly than with minor orthographic mistakes. Therefore, an essential point is to emphasize the meaning, context and logical development in a text, exactly as the author intended for his original text. We can do this work on translations in comparison to an original text as well as on our own copy, and provide clear and plausible indications.


  • Proofreading: Checking a translation for grammar, spelling, accuracy of content and stylistic details that make a good translation perfect
  • Editing: Checking your text or translation for content, context and style and whether the desired goal can be achieved.

How IMASoL helps you

IMASoL's mission is to deliver professional translations that thanks to our technical expertise conveys the information contained accurately and clearly into another language.

IMASoL's mission is to address your potential customers in an interesting way and eliminate ambiguities.

IMASoL's mission is to provide our customers with easily comprehensible corrections and give tips based on examples for future orders.

Send us the translations you feel uncomfortable with. We'll use the red pencil and point out improvements so that you can publish your texts without hesitation.

Take advantage of the experience of IMASoL and request a quote now!


Do you have any questions? We are happy to help.

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