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Provide your international customers with information about your business—and have your website translated

Do you bear responsibility for a company? Your products are already well received in your home market? If you have even been able to acquire international customers, you are in the middle of an internationalisation process and should have your website translated.

Internationalisation involves various activities and makes the work in a company much more complex. Are you sure that you can compete in foreign markets? Extend your marketing to international markets now. Your website is an important element in this process.

Open up new markets by localizing your web presence

Your website is one of the most important figureheads of your company. You know exactly how much work goes into the design and the content, i.e. the wording of the texts and the selection of images. Wouldn't it be foolish to disfigure the valuable results of this work in other languages by machine translations or Google plug-ins for automatic display in target market languages only to save a few bucks for translation?

Achieve optimal results for your internationalisation projects with IMASoL

To localize a website adequately, it takes more than just the translation of the source texts. You know that different user behaviour, divergent customer expectations in the target market, sometimes even the design of your website and finally the technical implementation of the new languages are among the challenges of localization. Of course, aspects such as corporate identity must be preserved and your brand must be presented consistently in all languages, so it is necessary to avoid any faux pas and have the website localized and contextually checked by professional translators to avoid any potential embarrassment. You will see that working with IMASoL will relieve you of much of international marketing effort.

Joining forces

IMASoL's project managers will staff your project with translators who are specialised in the field of your website, your industry, with proofreaders or editors who, if desired, will emphasise the advertising aspect in the texts, and web developers and programmers who know exactly which tools should be used to implement the translated pages most efficiently.

Involved in your website translation are:

  • Technical translators
  • Editors with focus on marketing texts and web language
  • Developers with in-depth knowledge of website localization with state-of-the-art tools for common CMS and other implementation options

If you are serious about your web presence and want your texts to be taken seriously by readers and speakers of other languages, please contact us. On our inquiry page you can simply tell us your URL and your desired target languages and we will get back to you.


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