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Our Philosophy

Our mission at IMASoL is to provide our clients with solutions for their internationalization and marketing needs. It is important for us to know and recognise the client's objectives and to express them in our translations. 

Our 15 years of experience in the sector has given us the opportunity to build a network that allows us to cover different languages and different areas of expertise. This enables us to act as a language department for larger organisations or help smaller companies to achieve greater reach.

The following principles are at the very heart of our work:

Knowledge of the target markets, deep anchorage in the professional world and a fine feeling for the language appropriate to the reader

We accompany our clients according to their needs, whether long or short term, and look forward to the challenge of bringing our clients closer to their goals with our expertise. Always important: to give the collaboration a human face in this globally active world.

This is the focus of our activities:

In general:

  • Showing a face in the globalised world
  • Provide a link between customers and new markets to be developed
  • Consulting before, during and after the orders

Before the project:

  • Open-mindedness when faced with new, emerging projects
  • Deep understanding for the needs of our customers

During the project:

  • Focus not only on language but also on the subject matter and the industry, involvement of professionals with hands-on experience rather than text book translators—it is one of the most pleasant challenges of our work to assign the jobs to matching experts so they can enjoy working on them
  • Entrusting texts to specialists anchored in the real world of work instead of word jugglers
  • Precision in the detailed implementation
  • Our experience has taught us that a good text needs research, the actual translation work, proofreading and communication, and we look forward to it
  • Translation that is first and foremost based on the company's objectives and the objectives of the translation project (has the client put everything into words?)

At the conclusion of the project:

Detailed work: You have invested a lot of energy in your texts, and we want to put at least as much energy into the translations we provide. As experienced translators, we also know that a good translation can get even more out of the original text so the final product, created in close cooperation, corresponds exactly to the expectations of the customer.

We see ourselves not only as a translation factory or railway station, where texts enter and leave, but we also want to personalize our product, an aspect that is particularly important for marketing texts

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