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It is apparent that nowadays an increasing majority of business enquiries come from people who possess a reasonable command of the English language. Yet, experience tells that one cannot underestimate the power of communicating with a potential customer in their native language. It is proven that prospect customers feel more comfortable conducting business discussions in their own language, rather than in a less familiar language such as English.

A large proportion of IMASoL customers can testify to the fact that they have received a notable increase in the number of enquiries since they have had their website professionally translated into the languages of their target markets. IMASoL translations can ensure that your business strengthens its web presence and offers linguistic content that resonates across a diverse range of cultures.

The task of localising a website involves the dual challenges of translating specialist text whilst being capable of programming the structure of the web pages themselves. IMASoL will carefully select a translator whose experience best suits the demands of the contract. The translator will then work in close tandem with one of our in-house web designers. By using specialist software they will together deliver content that is appropriate for the target audience.

IMASoL's experience in tailoring content management systems to deliver multilingual web content offers additional benefits to customers alongside our core translation capabilities.

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