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The 3-Step Guide to Professional Translation

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From a client perspective, the translation process could not be simpler. Simply forward IMASoL any documents requiring translation via the link Request Quotation.

The material will be scrutinised to identify the best solution to achieve a first class translation.

It matters to customers a great deal that the translation they receive back offers the results they expect. To achieve the desired outcome, specific details are required by the translator such as the purpose of a translation and its intended audience. We do appreciate that this information may not always be readily available. References to company-specific vocabulary prove to be extremely helpful. These can be supplied to us in the form of a glossary of terminology, should one available. Internal company communication can be a complicated matter at the best of times. Haven't you ever noticed how two individuals within the same company may be operating one and the same system but they express their usage of that the same system by utilising alternative terminology? It is therefore a critical element of large international projects that an enterprise achieve a uniform gold standard for all extensive and complex terminologies relevant to the project.

As a matter of course, IMASoL's Project Manager will contact the client to clarify the various steps in the translation process, and will from then on ensure that the project plan is realised. In the following sections you will see a break-down of how a translation project is typically rolled out. Learn more about quality translations.

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