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IMASoL Project Management is structured in such a way that source texts are analysed to take into account their unique qualities: subject area, context, grammatical construction and terminology. The results of this initial review will be weighed up by a translator specialised in that particular subject area in order to determine the effort required to produce a translation that completely satisfies the customer's wishes.

To translate from a source language to a target language, IMASoL's translators will translate the original text, then carry out any necessary peripheral work, such as formatting.

Once the translation has been drafted the layout of the text may also require correction. Such corrections are often necessary as, for example, English text is generally less verbose than the German equivalent. For customers who have previously taken advantage of IMASoL's services and wish the company to translate further material, then previous work will be consulted as reference material. Any terminology that appears specific to the particular organisation will then be re-used for translations into other languages. Customers will receive a final quotation that clearly itemises all elements of the agreed scope of work and IMASoL will invoice on behalf of its translators for the work to performed.

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