The Translation Process

As soon as the nominated translator has been provided with the background information specific to a project then the actual translation work will commence. IMASoL - What needs to be done?

Translators will work from the source text to seek out a comparable word or term that is relevant to that particular subject area. Due care is made to adopt the appropriate tone of language so that, whatever is reproduced in the target language, adheres fully to the specific vision the customer has set out for the way the text should be represented in the target language.

The translator will also resort to the use of language aids, such as glossaries, offering expert terminology directly relevant to the area the customer's specific business area. Translation formatting software such as Translation Memories may also be used.

A great deal of research into parallel texts, coupled with, years of experience are vital attributes in being able to yield a high quality translation.

The translation profession demands a high level of qualification and prior industry knowledge. Our customers are appreciative of the importance of this and are not prepared to risk their international reputation by using automatic online translation tools.

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