Technical Translations


IMASoL - Technical Translations

Documentations of business operations and processes are either performed by specialist freelancers or permanently contracted subject-matter experts. IMASoL's costumers want their international partners to benefit from this work.

User Manuals

The translation of user manuals requires a particular degree of technical competence along with the ability to produce a flawless, appropriate register of language that clearly conveys the instructions being issued to the reader.

Technical translations that breed confidence

It is essential that only subject-matter experts be tasked with translating technical documents such as user manuals. That's why IMASoL only chooses to hire translators who have excelled themselves in a particular area of industry. Only such a pedigree can guarantee that the content of a written piece will be well received by readers of differing nationalities.

Desktop Publishing

IMASoL not only translates, but is also equipped with a range of Desktop Publishing tools such as InDesign and QuarkXpress that allow us to edit and format documents to ensure a crisp and polished appearance.

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